Wednesday, March 12, 2014


AIR Circulation - Poor Air circulation in a certain area of the home will cause a window to form condensation, where other windows in others areas are fine.

Drapes - Flow of warm air needs to be enhanced at all times, so by having venetian blinds or heavy curtains fully drawn over a window, will restrict this air flow will lead to more condensation.

Varying Humidity Levels - Obviously humidity in the kitchen and bathroom (cooking/showering, etc) are going to be a lot higher than the other rooms in the home, consequently the build up of condensation on these windows is more likely.

Orientation - If windows are exposed to prevailing winds, then they will be slightly colder than the other windows in the home and may cause condensation to form at humidity levels which are practical for the rest of the home.

Exposure - If exposed to the wind, the window will be colder, but if the window is protected by other buildings, etc then a windbreak is formed.

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